4 Spots Available for Individual Coaching

Through it all…you will be okay!

You have big dreams of the way you want to live your life and you’re passionate about so many things.

You’re dedicated to personal growth and development. You want to contribute to the well-being of your community and of the living planet. You want to experience a sense of belonging and connection…but sometimes you still experience self-doubt and overwhelming feelings while you’re facing the challenges that come from beginning a new chapter.

Whatever this new chapter is about for you (a loss, a new venture, a step up… a step back) it’s presenting you with plenty of challenges and bringing up lots of worries, doubts , anxieties and fears along the way.

It is a challenging and uncomfortable place to be.

In a big moment of crisis or transition, the light at the end of the tunnel may seem very far.

  • You want to do your best but you’re often criticising or blaming yourself and worrying about making mistakes.
  • You’re scared that you’re letting people down and go through the day full of anxiety and isolated in your thoughts.
  • You feel like a fraud, like you’re not good enough or there is something wrong with you because you haven’t fully come out yet of this situation.
  • You don’t know what to do next and end up going in circles, procrastinating, or feeling paralysed.

…and you try your best; you try sincerely to take care of yourself and find things that help you feel better in the moment, like working towards a new certificate, attending another workshop, repeating affirmations, creating vision boards or learning a new yoga pose. Yet you still feel deep down that you haven’t gotten to the root of the problem.

I see so many people with beautiful dreams getting weighed down by day-to-day challenges or overwhelmed by big transitions. Like you, they need to give themselves a break.

I know how frustrating, isolating and overwhelming it can be…but it doesn’t have to be this way!

For a very long time I felt stuck in a life that I hated, I used to feel inadequate, exhausted and with a sense of emptiness. I didn’t feel qualified enough to do anything creative and worried constantly that I would make a mistake, be judged and lose everything.

My inner voice was constantly critical and discouraging telling me I was doomed to be miserable and fail at everything I considered trying… so I didn’t even try. I was stuck and felt broken, scared and lonely. I used to drown in self-doubt, self-loathing and I was terrified that I would never be able to express myself and do anything of significance. I was holding myself back from daring to do anything bold as I believed I had to be a good girl all the time.

But things changed when I started taking ownership of my inner voice and understanding that I needed to make decisions in order to take responsibility for my own life.

I left my career in law, went to a circus school and moved to another country. I faced many challenges and big changes, reached out for help and surrendered to a greater power. This led to the discovery of many healing modalities, inspiring teachers and mentors, all of which still inform my work today.

I also learnt to accept that sometimes it’s totally fine to be a mess, let go of control, even fall apart. The process of change is not always linear or easy. There is no need to be perfect; it is ok to make mistakes.

Beginning the journey to gently heal the relationship with my body, my heart and mind, I finally started to feel more comfortable with who I am. This enables me to more often ensure I am living a life filled with people and things that I love and matter to me. I learnt to find joy in the little things and experience gratitude, even when I was deeply challenged.

And this is what I want for you.

I will be your ally so you can create the life you are longing for.

The life where you actually feel comfortable in your own skin and where you can be who you are. Together, we can explore the best practices, powerful and practical tools so you can reinvent yourself and rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

I can help you change the conversation in your head.

I can help you meet challenges with grace, ease and confidence.

You can learn to appreciate yourself and your offerings to the world. My wish is to help you create a life where you nourish yourself and your dreams, you can take the next step with clarity so you can achieve what your heart truly desires.

Challenges become opportunities for adventure, growth and healing. You can transform struggle into strength, create a new narrative of triumph and the best version of yourself.

It will be my joy to celebrate your success.

So you may be wondering why would you be working with me, and who am I to be supporting you through all this?

By the time I was 33, I had already faced plenty of new chapters and challenges in life like addiction, depression and trauma including losing my mum early in childhood. I was already on a spiritual path and had done lots of physical and emotional healing work.

But that day, just a year younger than my mum had been when she died, I was diagnosed with cancer.

I left the hospital and walked through the park to gather my thoughts. I stood under a big oak tree that I loved as I sent prayers out to the Great Mystery. I still had so much to live for, but I knew my life needed a big change.

As I have been on a self discovery and healing journey through most of my life, I solidified my passion for supporting other people facing adversities and challenges while embracing a new chapter of their own life.

As for my professional history and official bio…

…Well…As you may know by now, my inner critic (lol!!!) led me to an extensive amount of training, certificates  and to be a life learner….I began my career in law, supporting women who were victims of trafficking into prostitution or domestic violence. Over two decades, I trained formally and informally in many healing, creative and transformational modalities including contemporary shamanic practice, the Andean Cosmology, Physical Theatre, Clowning, Laughter Yoga and Polarity Therapy.

I am a certified Movement Medicine teacher and facilitator (I completed 3 Advanced trainings of the School of Movement Medicine: 1: Working With The Heart and SEER – Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval,  2: Ritual & Ceremony, 3: Soul Retrieval and the Phoenix Process), and I am a qualified sound & voice therapist. I am currently training as a coach with the International Coach Academy and I am a mentor for the School Of Movement Medicine.….so, yeah, I educated myself a lot, not only because I loved it, but mostly because I do value holding space for people in a safe and professional way.

I weave together this diverse range of practices and powerful modalities, tailoring the different elements to help you move through challenges easily, gracefully and confidently to take action.

What I most want for you is to feel good about yourself.

I want you to know that everything is going to be okay. You don’t have to face this new chapter alone. And, I want to help you feel comfortable with who you are, so you create a life for yourself that makes a difference.

Fancy knowing a bit more about me before we connect?

I’m sure I have more new chapters in my life yet to come so I’m still a work in progress. I am definitely NOT perfect!

  • I swear a lot. (Mostly in my native Italian language, but also in Spanish and English)
  • Sometimes I take myself too seriously. (So I found a partner that makes me laugh and takes me on mountain adventures.)
  • I LOVE to eat and prepare food for friends.
  • My first teacher was my dog. (She taught me to love and take care of myself, while caring for her.)
  • My favourite way to relieve stress from my body is to go bananas to music. By the age of six I was dancing madly to heavy metal and I danced my socks off while having cancer (I also took a stab at playing the drums but dancing is still my go-to.)
  • I lived, travelled and worked in Italy, Hungary, Spain, UK, Peru, California, Ecuador and shared my passion for dance and voice work also with indigenous communities, people in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, refugees and vulnerable adults.
  • As I value the principle of reciprocity and giving back to the Earth, I am a facilitator for the Pachamama Alliance, which in partnership with indigenous people is dedicated to bringing forth an environ-mentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.
  • My favourite project EVER has been dancing with the children living in a dormitory in the High Andes.

It’s time to turn this new chapter into a great adventure and draw strength from challenges. It’s time to trust that you are already good enough, you don’t need to be perfect and that you have tools and resources to make your impact on the world. We will get there together.

My time with Laura was an eye-opening and blissful experience. Her approach is thorough and allowed me to tune in more with my feelings and with what was right for me; as a result of that I was able to make a very important decision in relation to my work and I felt a weight off my shoulders. I wholeheartedly recommend you speak to Laura if you want to feel better through a holistic approach.

Carine San Juan

Leadership Coach, Mentor and Mastermind Leader

While this kind of work was new to me, Laura took her time and patiently guided me through it, explaining the steps to me along the way. Her gentle approach helped me to let go of any anxiety and worries that came up during the process. She created a safe space, without any pressure where I felt seen and I could open up…Now I have practical tools that I can use daily to be more confident, calm and relaxed.

Marieke Vonk

Artist and Graphic Designer

Working with Laura was very inspiring and a great opportunity to remind myself of my direction and priorities. She supported me to identify recurrent themes and this enabled me to have a better understanding of my own process and also to discover tools and simple daily rituals to help me feel more confident, present and aware.

Patricia Rangel

Facilitator in Arts and Expression

Special Thanks

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the humour, patience and love of my partner and the steady presence of my teachers, Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan, who brought into my life the amazing gift of community, held me with kindness when I was broken and supported me wholeheartedly when I was ready to fly.