Interview On Sacred Ancestry

Interview on Sacred Ancestry Podcast Hello dear friend! Today I would love to introduce one of my last interviews! Thomas M. Wurm interviewed me on his podcast Sacred Ancestry. He is a wildland firefighter, mindset coach, fitness trainer, and his mission is 'to create...

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3 Powerful Ways To Be Healthy During Coronavirus

I would like to offer you some thoughts and ideas about 3 powerful ways to be healthy during coronavirus. I have been thinking a lot about this, experimented, and researched various practices that promote health. As in the past, I had cancer, overcame alcoholism,...

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Pay what you can coaching sessions

Hello dear friend! This is an updated version of the blog post that I published in May. I am proud to continue to offer 'pay what you can coaching sessions!' Many of you already know that a few months ago I graduated as a coach with the bilingual program of...

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