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Interview on Sacred Ancestry Podcast

Hello dear friend!

Today I would love to introduce one of my last interviews!

Thomas M. Wurm interviewed me on his podcast Sacred Ancestry. He is a wildland firefighter, mindset coach, fitness trainer, and his mission is ‘to create an elite class of wildland firefighters that have mastery over their mind, body, and spirit.’

Interview On Sacred Ancestry Podcast

Thomas M. Wurn

Sacred Ancestry is about mastering mindset, overcoming negative experiences, embracing one’s potential, and creating leadership. Thomas and I spoke about mindfulness, breathwork, soul retrieval, changing habits, and coming back to your feet. So, we truly hope you enjoy this episode and find some value in it.

Podcasts are one of my favourite way to share content and offer value to my audience, as I prefer to speak in English rather than write.

You can find the interview here:


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With love and gratitude, Laura