Hello dear friend!

I am proud to offer ‘pay what you can coaching sessions’ for a limited time.

I finally graduated as a coach with the bilingual program of the International Coach Academy! 

It has been an in-depth learning process, full of challenges, bends, and twists, but very rewarding. 

ICA is a fantastic academy. I had the privilege to be part of an international community and to attend the program in Italian and English.

Coaching is an industry that is not regulated yet. Anyone could get up one morning, after life-changing experiences, or profound events and decide to offer coaching sessions. Often this is originated by the genuine desire of supporting and inspiring others.

Coaching is an art and a profession. If somebody needs repairing the fridge, they will call the electrician, or if they need help with a damaged tooth, they will go to the dentist. A coaching session follows a structure and specific guidelines. If somebody wants to improve performance, professional results, transform their lives and move towards excellence, they might need a coach.

I was already working as a mentor for the School of Movement Medicine and trained in various healing modalities. Nevertheless, I thought it was essential to get a robust professional training. Therefore, I decided to attend ICA, an academy that follows the International Coaching Federation’s golden rules, professional and ethical standards.

I am already following another CPD program in somatic coaching to refine more my tools. I am creating a blend of all the things I studied until now, from sound&voice therapy to Movement Medicine.

To celebrate, I am offering ‘pay what you can coaching sessions.’ This is a win-win situation. I feel that coaching is a profound process. I want people to be able to experience it, even if they are temporarily struggling financially.

If you need accountability for your projects or get things done, a boost in confidence, some support while you navigate challenges, I am your woman:-)

If you are struggling with negative self-talk, are feeling overwhelmed and isolated, feel free to be in touch. You don’t need to do this alone. You can also download my free e-book: ‘3 Powerful Ways For Silencing Your Inner Critic’.

My area of specialty is somatic and holistic coaching. Sessions are available in English, Italian, and Spanish. 

Please send me an email at laura@elementalsoulmedicine.com if you want to book a free discovery call.

I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you 🙂 xoxo