4 Spots Available for Individual Coaching

‘As long as you ask questions you are breaking through, but the moment you begin to accept, you are psychologically dead. So right through life don’t accept a thing, but inquire, investigate. Then you will find that your mind is something really extraordinary, it has no end, and to such a mind there is no death.’ — Jiddu Krishnamurti

When I was training as a coach with the International Coach Academy, most trainers underlined the importance of asking questions.

I learnt that it is empowering to support people to find their answers, insights, truth and wisdom.

The coach and the clients are co-creators and partners in a good coaching relationship. Many people know the pain of being told what to do, feeling patronised or not validated. For some of us, this cooperative aspect is essential because it strengthens the muscle of self-responsibility and self-trust.

I often heard my clients saying, ‘oh, that was an excellent question!’ Usually, they would change facial expressions as if they were having an ‘aha’ moment. Suddenly, they realised something new about themselves, shifted perspective, or released a limiting belief.

From my experience of working with many coaches, therapists, and mentors, I know that I always felt uplifted when they approached me with respect and curiosity. I felt seen and supported when they asked valuable questions.

Not all questions stimulate the mind and imagination in the same way. For example, a closed question offers limited acceptable answers, usually yes or no. On the other hand, open questions stimulate enquiry, self-reflection, knowledge and learning.

‘It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.’ — Eugène Ionesco.

I wrote the list of questions below, hoping it can enrich your process and that you can find some inspiration. You can start and then go back to it. You can follow what feels good to you right now. It’s great to sit with all questions or choose only one, dedicating a week to this inquiry in a mindful way or only a few moments.

You can pick up a question and dance or meditate with it. Or you can put some music on and journal about it while you sit under the shade of a tree. You can trust your gut and choose what resonates the most with you. This article calls to stimulate your imagination, strengthen your resources, self-responsibility and explore your sense of connection with yourself and the world around you. I hope that these questions will give you tools to open up your creativity and be in service of all life while you navigate the great sea of the unknown.

Feel free to take what feels useful for now and let go of what doesn’t resonate.

Maybe you will create a collage, plant seeds, write a song or hear some answers in your dreams thanks to this enquiry. Perhaps you can reach out to a couple of friends and do this together as a way to support one another or ask them some of these questions.

You will know what speaks to you. I trust that your soul will whisper you something beautiful that is worth cherishing.

Here are my questions for you!

  1. What do you appreciate the most in yourself, life and others?

So, that’s it for now! Thank you! Please feel free to get in touch or post a comment below and let me know how the exercise landed for you, what resonated the most, or which questions you found the most helpful.
I look forward to hearing from you.