4 Spots Available for Individual Coaching

You are here because you are aware of the many struggles that midlife can bring, but you are committed to finding a better and more dignified way to navigate them.

Entering midlife can be terrifying. Perhaps you fear that the best days are behind you and feel scared and unprepared for the physical, emotional and spiritual turmoil.

You also know that this process can be liberating. You don’t know yet what will emerge, but this metamorphosis deserves support, radical care and attention.

Maybe you are a mother suffering from an empty nest or dealing with a difficult teenager. Or you are coming to terms with not having children or feeling too old to become a mother. Perhaps you are caring for an ageing parent, making it hard to take care of yourself and stick to a healthy routine. Or you are estranging yourself from a toxic family member or getting divorced.

In industrialised countries, many people think that this life cycle and the time between perimenopause and post-menopause (and all that comes with it) is a curse and the end of everything.

Our culture pathologises this transition. It normalises numbness, entertainment and living up in our heads. And it promotes disconnection from our bodies. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

I believe that midlife women have a pivotal role as wisdom keepers and life protectors in this time of collective crisis.

Midlife is a fluid alchemical time and a spiral, where women dance with paradoxes and get to know themselves at the most intimate and cellular level.

It is a time to reclaim lost and forgotten pieces so you can remember who you are and come back home to yourself.

Inner and outer beauty, confidence, self-love, and self-care don’t come from facial creams, the latest diet trends, fancy clothes, a gym membership or a new certificate. Television, magazines, and social media bombard us with fake canons of beauty and stereotypes.

We are surrounded by consumeristic messages, promoting a narcissistic culture of success. We are overstimulated by people promising quick fixes, ecstatic peak experiences and telling us what to do.

Furthermore, the self-help industry holds a fair amount of toxicity. It pushes a ‘feel good’ or ‘think positive’ agenda, tells us to transcend lower emotions and vibrations, talks about changing thoughts or mindset.

It bypasses deeper, collective, systemic issues. Sadly, also many coaching modalities often focus solely on personal development. They are frequently used in environments that perpetrate capitalistic models and systems of oppression and don’t create truly sustainable change.

These industries contribute to an individualistic view that does not address our disconnection from our living planet.

On top of that, there are many ideas of what we should do or be as midlife women, and sometimes our inner critic is not helpful either!

Lose weight!


Don’t be loud!
Don’t dare to wear that revealing outfit!

Don’t be selfish!

It’s too late!

You are old!

What if you fail?
You can’t let them down!
you need to look younger!
you should have figured it out by now!

She has more success than you!

             You have too many wrinkles!


Who are you to share your gifts with the world?

And all these thoughts trigger more anxiety, keep you in your head, overwhelmed and disconnected from yourself. Meanwhile, more challenges arise as you also face mood swings, hot flushes, hormonal changes, brain fog, decreasing libido or insomnia. You know what I mean, right?

And yet, you long to be connected to your body, natural rhythms and the web of life and to embody the quirky, irreverent, wild, radical you!

You have repeated affirmations, stood in yoga postures, made collages, attended courses, kept a diary and took all the best herbs and supplements. And this is good news! The question is: how did this stuff work for you? Did you reach the root of your challenges?

When you adopt these ways to take care of yourself, are you including a deeper connection to yourself from the inside out?

The nurturing way that leads to radical self-acceptance.

The embodied way that makes you feel at home in your skin.

The rooted way that welcomes your kinship with all life and the living Earth.

You are here to connect more deeply to your body and create new soulful narratives. You are here because you want intimate conversations around midlife. You here because you are unwilling to accept the cultural silence and stigma that feels an invitation into shame and even dread.

You are ready to surrender and leap into the unknown.

You know the time is now! Allow the intelligence of this life cycle to move through you!

Midlife is  a sacred initiation.

There is a gap in our psyche. We lost the maps, myths, eldership, companionship and collective ceremonies we need to best navigate this potent transition in Western society, treating it as a crisis to fix.

Sometimes this transformation leads to a dark night of the soul where women birth themselves anew and raise from their own ashes.

Midlife is an alchemical process that strips away the clutter. It makes you feel naked and back to the bone in the fire of transformation. But if you allow it to be a life-enhancing process to re-imagine the second part of your life, that fire won’t burn you. It is a time of dismantling identities that can feel brutal. No stone is left unturned. And yet, it is a time of spiritual emergence where you can embrace your inner mother and all the parts of yourself that you left behind.

You are here because you want to offer your sacred gifts and contribute to the flourishing of your community whilst also practicing radical self-care and self-acceptance.

You want to follow your inner guidance and the deep yearning to explore the innermost aspects of your being and reclaim lost pieces of your soul.

You feel the uttermost importance of the emergence of a new feminine culture based on reciprocity, respect for the Earth, care for each other and co-creation vs domination.

I understand your profound longing.

I am here to tell you: your soul is whispering to you. This is a sacred pause. Listen. Pay attention. You know it in your bones.

As a sacred life cycle, midlife, is not about becoming a famous influencer on Instagram, wearing the latest Goddess fashionable outfit or bypassing the pain and suffering of the planet. It is not about ignoring grief, the fire of (healthy) anger, or the loss of dreams.

The union with yourself is forged in dark and unknown places.

Holistic, Somatic & Trauma Informed 1:1 Coaching for Women Who Want to Embrace Midlife as an Initiation and Offer their Sacred Gifts….

I am not here to fix you, save you, or tell you that I will align your chakras, clear your blockages, read your aura, and balance your energy. I won’t channel angels or the Divine for you. I won’t tell you either that you need to change your mindset or talk you out of your emotions.

It’s no good to manipulate or confuse people by telling them what to do, risking disempowering them, crossing boundaries and not letting them feel seen, heard and validated. I am not your guru. You are wise and powerful.

You don’t need another person telling you how to feel, what is best or what is wrong with you, and doing the work for you because that is potentially re-traumatising.

There are healthier, uplifting, empowering and life-affirming ways for you to tap into the natural wisdom of this life cycle and gain new perspectives!

It is my privilege to be alongside other women. You don’t have to do it alone.

I will offer you a solid and safe container. I will be here to listen, so you can better understand your process, integrate what feels suitable for you and take the next steps.

I entered menopause prematurely, and I know the importance of reaching out for support during this time when the soul travels deeply inward and outward.

We are shedding skin and on our heroine journey, entering a life-death-rebirth process!

When women embrace midlife as an initiation, they land softly into their bodies and create new soulful narratives in service of the flourishing of all life.

I support midlife women like you who want to share their sacred gifts with the world while embracing radical self-care and reconnecting to their natural rhythms.

During Our Time Together:

  • We will dig deep into what prevents you from following your true calling, stopping being nice, aiming for perfection and taming your inner critic.
  • We will explore embodied practices, nervous system repair exercises, rituals and routines to support your work-life balance and overall health.
  • We will inquire into how to embrace your authority, inner guidance, and instinct with confidence.
  • We will include simple practices to balance ‘being’ with ‘doing’, giving with receiving, sacred rest with action, being inward and going outward.
  • We will welcome feelings of loss, and uncomfortable emotions, from grief to anger, shame, guilt and whatever feels difficult.
  • We will look at refreshing ways to forge a more authentic relationship with yourself and others, and create intimacy with the living world around you, including the Earth and the non-humans.
  • I will challenge you to move outside your comfort zone and offer compassionate witnessing.
  • I will call you on your limiting beliefs or lack of congruency to embody the confident, capable, generous woman you are.
  • I will support you in creating a deeper connection with your body, needs, wants, and rhythms in a no-nonsense way, and cultivate a more embodied presence and leadership.

And when you need it, we will make sure you:

  • are not spending too much time in your head, over analysing, performing, pleasing and worrying excessively
  • have clarity about what you want to offer, how to include your creativity daily and simple action steps
  • are not stuck in old patterns and coping mechanisms
  • create sustainable change, which includes your whole being and body-heart-mind-soul system
  • remember what you already know, what works well, joy, play and pleasure
  • are patient, accepting and kind to yourself so that you don’t carry the weight of the world even when you want to do good
  • find ways to celebrate and honour yourself

The work will also happen between our calls because each session ends with easy next steps for you to take. We will explore where you need to go and what you need to release. But I can’t support you unless you take full responsibility. Don’t worry: I will be alongside you to delve into what works for you so you can integrate what you are learning. Maybe you will start writing a book, creating a new relationship, bringing theatre to your community, or cultivating your garden. Or perhaps you will take a sabbatical, go on a pilgrimage or deepen your commitment to inner and outer peace.

Before working with Laura I was struggling with feeling confident in myself and my abilities and was fearful of my next steps. My biggest challenge was that the overwhelming fear stopped me from being still enough to focus on myself and on my spirit.

Things have improved significantly since we had our sessions. I have been feeling stronger and I started dancing not only when I’m in a good mood, but also when I need a boost. I’ve been feeling more joyful despite the fact that I recently had more stress as a single parent. I feel now so much more equipped to handle my challenges and stress, more secure and aware of my body.

I was going through a very difficult time when I met Laura and I am thankful I had her support. I loved her nurturing spirit especially during sessions where I had a lot of anxiety and/or emotional pain. I absolutely loved and enjoyed working with Laura. I’ve learned so much and appreciated it so much. Your work is amazing, Laura please keep doing what you are doing!

Heiddi Zalamar

Self-love coach

1:1 Container

I offer a monthly subscription that provides ongoing, genuine and safe support to help you dig deep and welcome a new embodied way of being into your life.

The sessions offer you a space to explore somatic (body-oriented) practices in a trauma-informed and holistic way, so you can embrace your natural rhythms and wisdom.

Change cannot happen only at the cognition level. Embodied awareness is a tool to awaken your whole intelligence and ignite transformation. It is a primary language rooted in sensation and movement.


I offer you a ‘bottom-up’ approach, where you can take ownership of your experience and befriend it.

In this way, you can inhabit your body and experience more fully. You can expand your awareness AND confidence, be more in relationship with what happens inside you, and grow your capacity to respond rather than react. Most coaches are not trained in this way (or not trained at all!). They tend to work primarily on mindset, using ‘top-down’ approaches based on external concepts, bypassing deeper issues and not considering how the nervous system and neuro-biology work.

However, unlike therapy, we won’t excavate the past. Still, we will explore how trauma affects your present (i.e. contributing to procrastination or making you feel stuck, anxious or unfulfilled) and how it shows up in your body, postures, constriction, blockages and holding patterns.

We will focus on building resources, resilience, new habits, and releasing stress. We will co-create a space where you can stay open and curious. In each session, we will take the time to land and listen to your heart’s desires.

Before I started working with Laura, I was observing some negative patterns arise that I didn’t want to repeat. I couldn’t see very clearly through them and needed help with that. The sessions offered me new tools and ideas about how to release those patterns. I can see things more clearly now. Laura helped me not only to identify the root of the problem  and my limiting beliefs but also that I needed to grieve some aspects of the relationship with  my mother.

Her great sense of clarity, empathic and calm nature created a safe container in our sessions  and helped me to take a burden off I didn’t even knew was still there.  Thanks to this work I feel different, lighter and I am not as overwhelmed! I feel more connected with my body, more grounded and in the present moment, I am spending more time in nature, I started to embrace dance as a healing practice.  I also received great tools to work with my inner critic!

I loved the follow up emails with so many insights, resources and practical tips  after each session that allowed me to take immediate action in my daily life and feel supported and understood. Online sessions are great and a comfortable way to do accurate work as in person.

Patricia Riveira

Graphic Designer

This Subscription Includes:

  • Two 60-minute sessions per month. You will receive personalised 1:1 coaching with me. These sessions will be held via Zoom and recorded if you wish.
  • Pre-Sessions Workbook.This workbook will help you to reflect, set intentions and co-create the goals you’d like to reach during our time together. This style of enquiry also enhances self-knowledge and self-appreciation.
  • Email and Voxer support in between sessions (Mon-Thurs, office hours). This means that you can get your questions answered, make necessary tweaks, integrate new steps and most importantly, reach out. I will respond as soon as possible. I’ve got your back.
  • Custom Practices. These are solid practical tools to support your self-inquiry, creativity and transformation process and crafted for your individual needs. We will include various modalities and simple rituals (i.e. vocal, breathing, movement, polyvagal exercises, visualisation, posture exploration, connection with archetypes and the Elements, journaling).
  • Email Summaries And Implementation Tools. After each session, you will receive a summary email to include our main discussion points and links to relevant recommended resources. These prompts after the sessions help integrate what you’re learning into your daily life. They may include exercises, book recommendations, videos, music etc. – according to what emerged in the session. This means you can stay inspired while you navigate your challenges.
  • Custom Action Plan: We will include an action and accountability plan – structured through our collaboration – to define your intentions, goals and commitment to yourself and your path.

During our time together, I intend to serve you to the best of my abilities. I offer you the gift of a non-judgmental and loving presence and a solid professional experience rooted in more than two decades of work, life epiphanies and training. I am a qualified coach specialising in somatics, movement, embodiment, trauma-informed practices and stress release.

Your Investment:

This program is a subscription with a monthly payment of 200 euros.

I ask that we commit to a minimum of four months working together to dive deep and create authentic, sustainable, and grounded transformation for you.

After this initial journey, you can stay with me as long as you like or you can cancel any time.

And yes, I know, that’s less expensive than many other practitioners at my level are charging. That is a conscious choice on my part, because I don’t believe that getting support to navigate midlife and enhance your self-care should cost a fortune or put you in debt.


I imagine that you could also be interested in gaining more flexibility, expanding your vocabulary of expression and enhancing your body confidence through movement. In that case, we can include more of it through Movement Medicine dance practice.

We can also spend time explicitly exploring and freeing your voice if you wish. In this way, you can gain more strength with your speaking, singing, and ‘sounding’ voice. (I am also a certified Holistic Voice Therapist).

This 1:1 program could be a beautiful fit if you…

  • are committed to profound transformation and want to use your strengths for the good of all life
  • are interested in collective change and evolution and want to become a wise elder
  • desire to inspire the younger generation of women and care about the legacy that you will leave behind you, whether you have children or not
  • need a grounded and no-nonsense approach to spirituality
  • long to embrace wholeheartedly courage, honesty and let go of things that no longer serve you
  • know that you are whole and have a healthy sense of yourself
  • want to do the nitty-gritty work, are not scared of looking at shadows and don’t resonate with a ‘love and light’ only approach
  • love to read Thich Nath Hahn, Brenè Brown, Gabor Matè, maybe have a copy of Women Running with Wolves, The Artist’s Way, and Dancing in the Flames – the Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness
  • yearn to welcome more playfulness and laughter 🙂

How will you know if this is for you?

If you want to experience what it is like to work with me, you can schedule a complimentary session. 

This is a powerful 60 minute session, not a getting-to-know-each-other call or simple conversation. It’s a no strings attached gift from me to you.

If it feels like a beautiful and heartfelt fit for both of us, I will invite you to schedule a separate to discuss working together.

If you resonated with what you read so far and connected to my words, click on the link to book your call! I look forward to meeting you.

Who is this not for?

This program is therapeutic but is not a replacement for therapy. If you need an assessment for mental health or unprocessed trauma, this is not for you.

If you have not worked with a coach, mentor or therapist for you or have not done any healing work before at all, this is probably not for you. Also, if you don’t want to embrace your relationship with the invisible world, Earth reverence, and think that Spirit is too ‘woo-woo’, this is probably not for you.

If ongoing 1:1 support isn’t what you need, consider some of my other offerings here:

I really look forward to getting to know you, to work together and witness what is going to be an adventurous, poetic and transformative journey for you!

I would have not been where I am today, without the precious presence of mentors, teachers and friends who witnessed me, believed in me and were there shouting a big “YES YOU CAN DO IT!” I truly feel that we are here as humans to shine light onto each other and we need each other to thrive.

With love, gratitude and respect,


I’ve really valued these sessions. After the very first session, blockages I brought to that initial session were gone!

Laura supported me to explore things in a nurturing and gentle way and gave space for reflection but at the same time challenged me to delve deeper.

The way she incorporates spiritual practices, exercises and practical tools into the sessions resonated with me and this is what I got the most out of. This line of work gave me a deeper understanding of myself and also taught me how to implement daily practices to help me move forward, feel more connected to myself and remove inner barriers. I feel freer in myself and open to explore further my personal, professional and spiritual practice. I have also gained a deeper insight and clarity about the new areas of work that I want to develop.

Diana Nash

Sound Healer and NLP Practitioner

Your Investment:

This program is a subscription with a monthly payment of 200 euros.

I ask that we commit to a minimum of four months working together to dive deep and create authentic, sustainable, and grounded transformation for you.

After this initial journey, you can stay with me as long as you like or cancel any time.

And yes, I know, that’s less expensive than many other practitioners at my level are charging. That is a conscious choice on my part, because I don’t believe that getting support to navigate midlife and enhance your self-care should cost a fortune or put you in debt.

I always take the time to get to know each other in a pitch-free gift session so we can both feel if we are a good match. Even if we decide not to continue, my intention is to support you to the best of my abilities.

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