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What my Clients are Saying

The private sessions with Laura are a fascinating journey full of laughter, powerful singing, shaking, purifying tears and lots of exhales. They have brought new energy into my life when I felt a bit stuck with my self-development.

We met only three times, but I still feel I have learned a lot about how I can help myself to become more creative, self-confident and more connected with my inner child. I have noticed that after our sessions, I pay more attention to my breathing, and I am kinder to myself.

Laura gave me practical ideas of exercises I can use to ground myself, boost my self-esteem and be in agreement with who I truly am.

She not only tailored her sessions to what I needed to work on but also adjusted them accordingly to how they developed. She created a space in which I felt safe to show my vulnerability and explore what really needed healing.

What brought me to sessions with Laura was my curiosity and willingness to explore dance and singing in their healing capacity. I have felt it might be an excellent component and practice to add to my self-development journey, and I was right!

~ Kinga Zaczkowska, psychotherapist in training

Thank you, Laura, for sharing so many ideas, sounds and practices.

A nice combination of using sound to draw insights and then as a practical tool for self-expression with plenty of voice exercises for home practice. Like diving, a revelation.

~ Taslim Nasser

Working with Laura had a remarkable impact in my life. I approached her in a crucial moment, where I needed to take care of myself and recover my own sense of grounding, after I lost my grandfather. With her support I re – encountered an inner brightness and clarity, that I thought I had lost and I removed old blockages. The sessions allowed me to explore the power of my voice, new forms of inner growth, self-knowledge and healing and Laura’s optimism gave me the strength and hope to keep working on myself in a positive way.

Eliana Rosas Aguilar

Human Rights Lawyer

If you are looking for support to reconnect to your body, to your art and to your creative spirit, Laura Valenti is the person you are looking for. She pours her heart into her work and is deeply passionate about helping people rediscover themselves through creativity, healing practices, connection with nature and with the elements. Laura is someone who is committed to her own personal growth work too, which is what I believe makes a great mentor.

Layla Saad

Writer, Speaker & Racial Justice Advocate

Laura has a very wide range of gifts which are all sourced by her loving and strong heart. The gifts of clarity, strength, spontaneity, exquisite humour are combined with her gentle and beautiful wild femininity and rooted in her experience of transforming pain into wisdom.

Katerina Stejskalova


Laura is a very gifted mentor! I felt seen in my dilemmas, met and heard with my queries. Her compassionate, witty and humorous way supported me to see things with more clarity and allowed me to move forward. She gave me space to explore my process in a creative way while feeling safely held.

Johanna Stromeyer

Interior Designer and Movement Medicine Teacher

I loved how fast your outlook can change while tapping and working with EFT. I had profound insights about some decisions that I was pondering and also ended up our sessions very energized and in a calmer space. Laura has a beautiful way of holding space and introducing deeper questions so you can explore, produce change and heal.

I highly recommend her work.

~ Laura Lepez Balboa, Somatic Integrative Therapist

Laura Valenti is an exceptional mentor, healer, friend, and human being.

I believe anyone that works with her will easily and quickly recognize the light and beauty that emanates from her. She is warm, kind, and embracing, and I highly encourage those seeking their gifts and talents to begin the journey of working with her.

I met Laura at a time of great transition and viewed our crossing paths as a gift. I had long been searching for a spiritual guide, and I know without a doubt she came into my life at exactly the moment I needed to meet her.

Laura and I have worked together in both creative and healing capacities. She has been a mentor and guide through moments of deep uncertainty. The healing work we have done together included sound, movement and voice workshops, mystic guidance and counselling, and deep conversation. On her recommendation, I began exploring books, music and alternative healing practices. In her, I have found a non-judgmental and safe space where I have felt able to tap into parts of myself that had been dormant and hidden. And above all, I have always felt loved and in the company of an old friend: from the day we met.

I truly agree with those that say we already have the things we are searching for within ourselves – that the answers we are searching for already live within. Yet, painfully and ironically, the process of uncovering what we already know is not an easy one. We all need markers along the journey to help us see our way – sometimes those markers come in the form of events, at other times they are individuals, and many signs come in non-descript forms that defy our ability to anticipate them. In my life, Laura has been an event, an individual, and a sign that defies language: my experience of working with and coming to Laura has undoubtedly been nothing short of magic.

Danielle Lee Williams, activist for peace, writer, and performer

Laura is passionate about human evolution and offers her skills with love and generosity. She combines her deep connection to Ancestral Wisdom and contemporary holistic modalities with her constant commitment to providing the best tools in the embodiment, movement and trauma work. Working with her means embarking on a joyous journey of self-discovery. Highly recommend it.

Silvana Rigobon

Movement Medicine Teacher and Cycle Mentor

Laura is a warm-natured, wise woman.

I always felt safe, heard, and understood. She provided space for me to examine my self-limiting beliefs and offered different perspectives on issues/events. I took away many nuggets of wisdom, celebrated even the small successes (they led to the big ones), and learned not to judge myself too harshly.

Before working with her, I suffered from procrastination and self-limiting beliefs like I was not good enough.
Thanks to our sessions, I have learned to be kinder to myself and not aim for perfection. The work we did together also helped me look at everything I have already achieved. All the events and people that I have already served.

Laura taught me about neuroplasticity, that we can indeed rewire our brains. She provided visualization practices and exercises that helped me understand that I, too, can create a new pathway (in my brain and life).

Working with her also made me realize that my work is “good enough” and that I don’t have to strive for perfection. That, indeed, I am already doing quite a bit, and it is now about committing to it and carrying on doing my soul’s work.

If you are looking for direction in life or someone to be along the path of self-discovery with you, if you want to be of service in this world in a more efficient way or want to hear more deeply your soul’s desire, then I recommend you reach out to Laura.’

~ Theresa Royle, Sound Healer