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“Laura is passionate about human evolution and offers her skills with love and generosity. She combines her deep connection to ancestral wisdom and contemporary holistic modalities with her constant commitment to providing the best tools in the embodiment, movement and trauma work. Working with her means embarking on a joyous journey of self-discovery. Highly recommend it.”

~ Silvana Rigobon, Menstrual Cycle Mentor


struggle into an opportunity for growth + transform your wounds into medicine 

Let go

 of perfectionism, self-doubt, people pleasing, being nice, worshipping busy and and negative self-talk


 deeper self-esteem, acceptance, trust, inner wisdom and confidence into your life


an uplifting understanding of your physiology, nervous system and natural rhythms 

 Hello dear woman at midlife!

Welcome to Elemental Soul Medicine!

I’d like to have a conversation with you. At midlife, you know that you need to love and accept yourself radically and feel more comfortable in your skin. If you are on this page, you probably tired of going alone and long for connection. And, I imagine you may want to contribute to the healing of your community around you.

I feel that as midlife women, we need to step into our authority, embody wildly our essence and become an active part of the healing process that we need collectively. We are medicine. We are life protectors. We are the wise ones.

I know this may matter to you too. Maybe the time is now to go deep, excavate your soul and liberate yourself… perhaps you want to step into your zone of genius, stay focused on the next chapter of your life, or say goodbye to toxic shame and the things that don’t really resonate with you! Or this may simply be the time to love and accept yourself radically, pause, slow down and do less.

Entering midlife comes with a lot of new challenges that sometimes can leave you feeling:


exhausting yourself with constant second guessing and dealing with hormonal changes


believing you cannot ask for help leaves you anxious and isolated


your self-help practices aren’t getting to the root of the problem

Repeating affirmations, taking herbs, searching for the latest hormonal treatment, listening to podcasts, changing your diet, going to the gym make you feel better for a moment, but when your inner critical voice, fear or anxiety show up again you feel like the best days, dreams and best of life are lost. Something deeper is unfolding and your soul is calling for your attention. Sometimes the journey feels like entering the dark night of the soul. I understand. I have been there.

You may try to get things under control while the ground shakes and perhaps you convince yourself that you need another external component before you can create the change you need and truly trust yourself and innate wisdom of this life cycle, e.g. that certificate, another degree, attending that workshop.

It may feel like you’re not good enough, that time is ticking and you have not achieved what you truly want or you don’t know yet what is going to emerge. Perhaps you feel that you are going mad, that everything is falling apart and this midlife transition (whether you are peri or post-menopausal) is the end of everything you knew. Or maybe you feel that you are late or you should be further ahead. You have my empathy. I know it is a painful place to be.

Maybe you don’t really know how to navigate this uncharted territory of midlife (and beyond!) but I imagine you want to take charge and make this a liberating, alchemical and dignified process.

If you are on this page, you may be a woman who wants to create new meanings and beautiful narratives within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual turmoil. This is when your old self and structures are dismantled, and a new you is born.

I am here to support you to embrace midlife as a rite of passage and initiation, so you can allow its innate intelligence to move through you and reimagine the second part of your life. This way, you can honour yourself and this process as sacred while also contributing to the thriving of all life and offering your gifts to the world.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Laura is a very gifted mentor! I felt seen in my dilemmas, met and heard with my queries. Her compassionate, witty and humorous way supported me to see things with more clarity and allowed me to move forward. She gave me space to explore my process in a creative way while feeling safely held.

Johanna Stromeyer

Interior Designer and Movement Medicine Teacher

Laura has a very wide range of gifts which are all sourced by her loving and strong heart. The gifts of clarity, strength, spontaneity, exquisite humour are combined with her gentle and beautiful wild femininity and rooted in her experience of transforming pain into wisdom.

Katerina Stejskalova


If you are looking for support to reconnect to your body, to your art and to your creative spirit, Laura Valenti is the person you are looking for. She pours her heart into her work and is deeply passionate about helping people rediscover themselves through creativity, healing practices, connection with nature and with the elements. Laura is someone who is committed to her own personal growth work too, which is what I believe makes a great mentor.

Layla Saad

Writer, Speaker & Racial Justice Advocate

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