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Three Embodied Ways to Relate to the Inner Critic Creatively

“I truly love this e-book! I am on a transformational journey and there are so many precious gifts here! It is so rich and inspirational. Thank you Laura, you truly gave a lot!” – Ereni Henderson, musician and sound therapist.

Hello dear friend!

My name is Laura Valenti, and I’ve created this workbook to share some ideas about how to relate to your inner critic in a creative and embodied way. In this way, you can establish a dialogue and connection to this part of yourself in a kind and inclusive manner rather than pushing against it.

I want to provide you with tools that can support you to enhance your body awareness and unleash your imagination.

You will find simple exercises that will enable you to feel more confident in your skin, find your voice, and share your gifts with the world.

“ If people do these simple yet powerful exercises every day, or every few days, I feel their lives would change for the better. In fact, reading this little book has reminded me of what is important to me, and some of the areas I am omitting from my life, and need to incorporate!”

– Susan Leigh, Artist

Wondering who I am?

I am a certified Movement Medicine teacher and facilitator (I completed 4 Advanced pieces of training of the School of Movement Medicine: 1: Working With The Heart and SEER – Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval, 2: Ritual & Ceremony, 3: Soul Retrieval and the Phoenix Process, 4: Initiation – Dancing With Life Cycles, From Birth To Death), and I am a qualified sound & voice therapist. I completed my training as a coach with the International Coach Academy. 

I focus on somatic and trauma-informed coaching. Moreover, I am a professional mentor for the School Of Movement Medicine.

Many years ago, I began my career in law, supporting women victims of trafficking into prostitution or domestic violence. Over two decades, I trained formally and informally in many creative and transformational modalities, including Polarity Therapy, Laughter Yoga, Physical Theatre, Clowning. I spent time in South America in the Andes, where I have been an apprentice to local medicine people.

I have been on a self-discovery journey through most of my life and had cancer at a very young age. This challenging experience allowed me to solidify my passion for supporting other women and exploring how to reconnect to my body and voice.

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