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Elemental Soul Journey Mentorship Program

Embrace change with grace and transform challenges into an opportunity.

Fill the next chapter of your life with adventure!

The time is NOW.

You don’t need to wait to be perfect or for another certificate. It’s time to break free, to get committed to yourself and to let go of what no longer serves you.

All you have to do is take one small step at a time.

But that’s not so easy when you’re so overwhelmed you’re not sure what the next step is or if you’ll even be able to do it.

You have it together most of the time. You are smart, capable, creative, enjoy helping others and have an understanding of human suffering. You care about the world around you, the living planet and you want to make a difference in this moment. You are resilient and you have already reinvented yourself many times. You’ve overcome many challenges and made it this far.

But this latest life change has you revisiting all those feelings of uncertainty again. That critical inner voice is back, leaving you insecure and anxious about your next steps.

  • You are doing everything you can to manage your transition but you’re exhausted and depleted because you’re constantly criticising and second guessing yourself.
  • You make lists and Google everything you can to prepare yourself for the challenges that come with this new chapter, but you still struggle when they come because you’re scared and overwhelmed.
  • You’re meeting people but you still feel lonely and isolated and you are not fully sharing what you’re going through because you don’t know where you belong.
  • You’re working hard on yourself, you really try. Like doing yoga, continuing professional development, writing in your journal, repeating affirmations, meditating but you still feel stuck because you haven’t gotten to the root of the problem.
  • You do the things you need to but you feel ashamed that you haven’t reached your bigger goals because you’ve done so much work already and feel like you should have this figured out by now.

You know that at the end of this you will be okay.

You know it’s time to trust yourself and your ability to take the next steps.
You KNOW you are meant to create an impact in the world and you are going to flourish no matter what.

It’s time to let go of self doubt and of the loud voice in your head yelling “you are not good enough”.

I know how it feels because I have been there…

I faced many big changes and transitions (from a major break up to recovering from cancer, trauma and addiction, to starting a life in different countries and creating my biz online)…and every time I started over, I feared that I wouldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and that I wouldn’t make it.

But with each challenge my resources, confidence, sense of self worth and resilience grew stronger, and so did my willingness to transform struggle into an opportunity for healing and growth…I found creative and healing ways to support myself and to be at ease in my body, from movement, to breath and voice work to reconnection with Nature and ritual… and I learnt to trust my ability to be in the storm and navigate the great sea of the unknown with flexibility and my capacity to move forward without freaking out.

This is why I created the Elemental Soul Journey Mentorship Program. Imagine a life where:

  • You move forward with clarity and meet the challenges you are facing with ease, grace and confidence, because you have a renewed sense of trust in yourself, in your skills, inner wisdom and resources and ultimately in life.
  • You have more energy when you get up and are able to start a new day with a sense of awe, fun and adventure because you feel calm, safe, at ease with who you are and comfortable in your own skin and in your body.
  • You share your highs and lows with your friends and feel understood and supported because you have surrounded yourself with people who value and lift you up- you finally found your tribe.
  • You are making things happening, creating the life you want, savouring simple moments and finally seeing the results of all your spiritual and self-help practices because you addressed the deepest issues that were truly holding you back.
  • You look in the mirror and feel proud about the person you’ve become because you are making a positive impact in the world, experiencing a sense of belonging and connection with all Life and have done truly transformational work.

When you feel tired, anxious and overwhelmed, it’s challenging to get out of this vicious cycle and to trust that things will change and you are going to feel better about yourself.

I felt lonely and stuck in fear for many years. The voice in my head kept me feeling ashamed as it told me I was a total failure, repeating the same mistakes and patterns so I was going in circles ad infinitum.

Then I discovered the creative and healing tools that helped me to be kinder to myself and to my body. These are what we can share to renew your sense of trust in life and in yourself, to open your heart and tap into your medicine cycle.

Working with Laura had a remarkable impact in my life. I approached her in a crucial moment, where I needed to take care of myself and recover my own sense of grounding, after I lost my grandfather. With her support I re – encountered an inner brightness and clarity, that I thought I had lost and I removed old blockages. The sessions allowed me to explore the power of my voice, new forms of inner growth, self-knowledge and healing and Laura’s optimism gave me the strength and hope to keep working on myself in a positive way.

Eliana Rosas Aguilar

Human Rights Lawyer

I am excited to present Elemental Soul Journey:

A 3-month mentoring & healing program that will help you embrace change with grace, feel comfortable in your skin and transform challenges into your next great adventure.

Say ‘goodbye’ to that critical voice in your head and let’s embrace your next move with clarity, confidence and passion!

Elemental Soul Journey is all about changing the way you’re thinking and feeling, transforming difficulties into a an opportunity for growth so you can consistently take action to navigate this new chapter of your life and finally make your impact on the world.

I know that what you are going through is not easy and all this may sound too positive, too good to be true or sugar coated…This work is soulful, creative and rewarding….but I am not offering a quick fix or a magic pill. By diving deep and doing the inner work, step-by-step, you will navigate this new chapter and emerge into a new VERSION OF YOURSELF and a new way of being with lasting results.

Before working with Laura I was struggling with feeling confident in myself and my abilities and was fearful of my next steps. My biggest challenge was that the overwhelming fear stopped me from being still enough to focus on myself and on my spirit.

Things have improved significantly since we had our sessions. I have been feeling stronger and I started dancing not only when I’m in a good mood, but also when I need a boost. I’ve been feeling more joyful despite the fact that I recently had more stress as a single parent. I feel now so much more equipped to handle my challenges and stress, more secure and aware of my body.

I was going through a very difficult time when I met Laura and I am thankful I had her support. I loved her nurturing spirit especially during sessions where I had a lot of anxiety and/or emotional pain. I absolutely loved and enjoyed working with Laura. I’ve learned so much and appreciated it so much. Your work is amazing, Laura please keep doing what you are doing!

Heiddi Zalamar

Self-love coach

Hello, I’m Laura Valenti, a former self-sabotager and chronic second-guesser who changed how I think and feel and is now living a life fully dedicated to healing, interconnection, transformation, creativity and passion.

I pulled myself up from the ashes over and over including childhood trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, dysfunctional relationships and even cancer. I began to welcome new chapters of my life and see them as opportunities. I stopped fighting and fearing the change and got curious about practical tools to help me get through the challenges along the path.

After I was diagnosed with cancer (at the same age which my mum died) I deepened my studies and research and I promised that, if I would live, my life would be dedicated to supporting others in their journey towards change and liberation. I trained formally and informally in many healing and transformative modalities: from Movement Medicine, Sound & Voice Therapy, to Physical Theatre & Clowning, Laughter Yoga, indigenous wisdom, contemporary shamanism and Spiritual & Holistic Coaching. Today, I use all of these tools to support people like you who are facing a big life change, to rise from your own ashes and create true and lasting transformation.

Before I started working with Laura, I was observing some negative patterns arise that I didn’t want to repeat. I couldn’t see very clearly through them and needed help with that. The sessions offered me new tools and ideas about how to release those patterns. I can see things more clearly now. Laura helped me not only to identify the root of the problem  and my limiting beliefs but also that I needed to grieve some aspects of the relationship with  my mother.

Her great sense of clarity, empathic and calm nature created a safe container in our sessions  and helped me to take a burden off I didn’t even knew was still there.  Thanks to this work I feel different, lighter and I am not as overwhelmed! I feel more connected with my body, more grounded and in the present moment, I am spending more time in nature, I started to embrace dance as a healing practice.  I also received great tools to work with my inner critic!

I loved the follow up emails with so many insights, resources and practical tips  after each session that allowed me to take immediate action in my daily life and feel supported and understood. Online sessions are great and a comfortable way to do accurate work as in person.

Patricia Riveira

Graphic Designer

Here’s what you’ll get when you join…

  • Mentoring Sessions: (5) 60-minute Mentoring Sessions over 3 months. You don’t have to face this new chapter of your life alone.
  • Pre-Work: Intake Form and Pre-work Workbook. Because all of our work together will be customized for your goals and needs you can start navigating through challenges right away.

  • Custom Exercises: Session-centred play work, exercises and rituals (including vocal, breathing and movement practices, visualization, connection with archetypes and with the Elements). These are strong practical tools to feel better in your daily life and in your own skin.

  • Email Support: Email support between our sessions means you can get your questions answered, make any tweaks where necessary and, most important of all, reach out if you need to know you are not alone.
  • Pre-Session Work: Pre-Session Worksheets filled with powerful questions to stimulate self-reflection and enhance your self-knowledge. This style of positive self-enquiry helps you to learn and strengthen your journey to positive self-appreciation.
  • Email Summaries: Summary email after each session to include our main discussion points as well as any links to relevant recommended resources. This means you can stay inspired and have what you need to navigate your challenges with grace, ease and confidence.
  • Custom Action Plan: Action and accountability plan structured through our collaboration to define your next actions as you progress towards the completion of your goal(s). With this plan, our sessions are documented providing visual evidence of your commitment to your new path.

Your Investment:

€555 To Enrol Now

Open for enrolment now

Places are limited and the program is by application only. This is a deep and intimate process and I work with few motivated people who are willing to dive and create true change.


Digital Recordings

Digital Recording of each session so you can focus without taking notes and listen again whenever to get the most out of our sessions.

One Customised Ritual

1 ritual customised just for you at the beginning of your journey, so you can stay inspired, tap into your creativity, intuition and imagination, expanding your ability to create the change you want as you move forward in your life.

Drum Journey

1 drum journey active meditation so you can focus on the action steps that you will need at the end of this process to continue to integrate this work in your daily life.

Your Investment:

€555 To Enrol Now

Open for enrolment now

Places are limited and the program is by application only. This is a deep and intimate process and I work with few motivated people who are willing to dive and create true change.

Program Breakdown

(While this is a strong structure, it includes also a big degree of flexibility for me to support you with gentleness and to adapt the sessions around your needs! We will discuss this in the discovery call.)


We explore the roots of your challenges so you can acknowledge where you are and take steps to move forward. We look at how you can do this soul work in a grounded and no nonsense way so you can plant the seeds that will serve you in your life and create the foundation for success.


We explore what you love and how you can enhance your clarity, so you can move into your next steps with ease. We look at what ignites your passion, so you can stay motivated, disciplined and focused during this process. We look at practical ways to tap more deeply into your creativity so you can express yourself fully.


We look at how you can reconnect to yourself at the deepest level and how to journey deep in your soul, so you can create a life of meaning and significance and trust your natural flow. We explore what no longer serves you and so you can find practical and simple ways to let go of negative patterns and release old habits.


We explore how you can see more clearly, tap into your intuition and imagination, so you can feel lighter, more joyful and trust your inner vision and guidance. We look at the big picture so you can rise above the details and look at your circumstances from a different angle. We explore your belief system and the voice of the inner critic so that you can acknowledge that which needs to change, make space for the new to emerge and move forward.


We look at fun, light- hearted ways to reconnect to the innocence in your heart, to your inner child and to the sense of awe and wonder towards life so you can move forward with grace, ease and playfulness. We look at the gifts that you have to offer to the world. Celebrating your wild spirit and your soul work.

Your Investment:

€555 To Enrol Now

There are 8 spots open for enrolment now.

When you click the button above, you’ll be sent to my calendar to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation and to complete a questionnaire. We’ll use this time to ensure we’re a perfect fit and this mentoring program is definitely right for you!

I really look forward to getting to know you, to work together and witness what is going to be an adventurous, poetic and transformative journey for you!

I would have not been where I am today, without the precious presence of mentors, teachers and friends who witnessed me, believed in me and were there shouting a big “YES YOU CAN DO IT!” I truly feel that we are here as humans to shine light onto each other and we need each other to thrive.

With love, gratitude and respect,


I’ve really valued these sessions. After the very first session, blockages I brought to that initial session were gone!

Laura supported me to explore things in a nurturing and gentle way and gave space for reflection but at the same time challenged me to delve deeper.

The way she incorporates spiritual practices, exercises and practical tools into the sessions resonated with me and this is what I got the most out of. This line of work gave me a deeper understanding of myself and also taught me how to implement daily practices to help me move forward, feel more connected to myself and remove inner barriers. I feel freer in myself and open to explore further my personal, professional and spiritual practice. I have also gained a deeper insight and clarity about the new areas of work that I want to develop.

Diana Nash

Sound Healer and NLP Practitioner

Your Investment:

€555 To Enrol Now

Open for enrolment now

Places are limited and the program is by application only. This is a deep and intimate process and I work with few motivated people who are willing to dive and create true change.