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Embrace Your Destiny Podcast: healing through movement and sound


Dear all,

I hope this finds you well.

Today I would love to introduce this interview about healing through movement and sound.

Sandra Dawes, interviewed me for her podcast Embrace Your Destiny. She is a highly successful life coach and describes herself as a ‘recovering control freak and excuse maker who works with clients struggling with similar issues’.

Embrace Your Destiny is about empowering women to create the life they want.

Sandra and I spoke about my cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, grief, and dance as a healing tool. Mostly, I share my story about healing through movement and sound.

So, we truly hope you enjoy this episode and find some value in it.

As you may know, podcasts are a fantastic way to share interesting content and inspiring stories. That is why I am so excited about sharing this episode with you. In the last few years, I trained in various transformative and healing modalities to support people to navigate their challenges.

You can find the interview here:


Please, feel free to get in touch and let me know what you think. It would be amazing to hear from you and learn about your stories. What do you think about healing through movement and sound?

Furthermore, I would like to say that I feel empowered by sharing this interview. I remember how nervous I was and I could hear the voice in the head telling me that this was not good enough. But here it is what I learned:  done is better than perfect!

If you resonate with my work I would love to hear from you, you can email me at laura@elementalsoulmedicine.com for a free discovery call.

Last but not least, you may remember that I wrote a free mini-book about silencing the inner critic. This is my gift to you, I hope you can download it and enjoy it!

With love and gratitude,